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Beware Of This Killer Clown In The First Trailer To CIRCUS KANE!

There are a whole lot of horror titles coming out courtesy of the fine fiends at Uncork’d Entertainment and we’ve got the first look at one of their latest features. If you have a fear (or love) of killer clown characters then this is up your alley. It’s debuting at the Canne Film Festival in May, […]


Prepare Yourself For The Horrors Of CLOWNTERGEIST!

Just when you thought nothing new could be done with the “scary” clown genre, some film comes along and completely proves you wrong. In this case, it’s the crazily titled… (wait for it…) … CLOWNTERGEIST! Seeing is believing, fiends. Check out the trailer which just debuted over on The Hollywood Reporter‘s site: According to THR, […]


This Creepy Clown Short Should Ruin Your Day

Well, if you suffer from a fear of clowns and you want a good, creepy horror short to kick off your day, then we’ve got just the film for you! It’s actually the season finale of the You Tube series “Scary Endings,” a collection of bite sized horror shorts from various filmmakers. We showcased one […]


Resurrecting IT, Stephen King’s Killer Clown From Outer Space

If you grew up in the 80s and 90s, Pennywise the Dancing Clown probably haunted your dreams…. And your ears probably perked up a few days ago when producer Roy Lee teased the return of Stephen King’s iconic monster.  Lee said he is developing a feature film adaptation of King’s novel IT that will be […]


5 Hilarious Horror Comedies Now Streaming On Netflix Instant

I love all sub-genres of horror, but for whatever reason, I find horror comedies to be irresistible. Maybe it’s because for me, the best horror is the kind of stuff you can watch as a communal experience. And if you’re going to get a group of friends together to watch a movie, you don’t want […]

Real Life Scares 

How Would YOU React To This Terrifying KILLER CLOWN Prank?

Man, oh man. I know there are a lot of people out there that suffer from Coulrophobia, a tremendous fear of clowns. I am thankfully not one of them, but I do fear tall crazy guys in costumes with giant mallets — especially in a shady spot like a parking lot! Those fine fiends over at DM Pranks […]

Scary Fun 

Face Your Fears With This Scary Clown Art!

Back in August of 2015, the Hyaena Gallery in Burbank hosted a tribute art exhibit to a topic they’d never tackled just yet. Clowns! While a large portion of the population suffers from a fear of clowns, or Coulrophobia, the gallery’s regular group of contributing artists not only encouraged this specific show, but relished in […]