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Unseen Horrors: The 1995 Unmade Version Of THE MUMMY By Mick Garris!

This past weekend, Universal Pictures launched their proposed and ambitious slate of upcoming monster movies, currently being touted under the banner of the “Dark Universe,” with the Tom Cruise fronted THE MUMMY. And as is the case with me when any franchise comes back, my inner fanboy must go back and revisit every film in the series. […]


5 Reasons Why THE MUMMY Is The Worst Movie Monster Ever!

Out of the classic original Universal monster movie canon – FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA, THE WOLF MAN and THE MUMMY, the bandage wrapped thousands year-old gauze wrapped creature is so inept he is the worst movie monster EVER! How you ask? Here’s 5 Reasons why The Mummy is the worst movie monster ever to flit across the […]