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The Most Controversial Movie Ever Made is Finally Available to Stream… But Which Version Is It?

Sometimes movie history is made quietly, when you least expect it… and so another landmark in boundary-busting cinema seems to have happened virtually overnight: I’m talking about the online streaming premiere of Ken Russell’s breathtaking 1971 masterpiece THE DEVILS. Recently uploaded by horror streaming service Shudder, the film is considered by many historians to be […]


The Glorious Camp of LAIR OF THE WHITE WORM

When pondering the strange evolution of exploitation movies, one typically finds a movement from grimy grindhouses into a gentle mainstream. Observe interviews with any exploitation filmmaker of the 1960s (as seen in documentaries like MIDNIGHT MOVIES or AMERICAN GRINDHOUSE or NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD), and there is a tone of wistful lamentation. There was a time, they often […]



The first week on Beyond Fest 2015 offered up an amazing batch of screenings and events that included an EVIL DEAD double feature with both Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell in attendance, a full on concert with Italian composer Fabio Frizzi, a BETTER OFF DEAD reunion and the premiere of LEGEND! Could week two possibly […]