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The Weirdest Reasons Films Have Been Banned Around the World

Sorry to break it to you, dear reader, but all art is political. Historically, even the most innocuous forms of popular artistic design have, at one point or another, been the subject of suspicious government scrutiny. And while books and printed materials have been, on terms of volume, the central focus of most politically-backed censorship […]


The Kids Aren’t Alright: The Anarchist Cinema of Harmony Korine

If one was to reverse-follow a timeline of Harmony Korine’s filmography — to track back over some of the writer-director’s most significant films, screenplays, and side-projects — the movie that most of us would arrive at, the one we’ve seen and survived, is the Larry Clark-directed and Korine-scripted KIDS: a Dogma 95-style “day-in-the-life” drama about a […]