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The Ultimate Ranking of the Entire UNDERWORLD Franchise

When we talk about the long-running horror franchises, those tales of the undead that forever refuse to die, we rarely seem to talk about the UNDERWORLD movies. This bullet-riddled action-horror franchise may not always enjoy the respect that horror fans have for franchises like HELLRAISER and CHILD’S PLAY, but do you know what it has […]

Films Scary Fun 

Why My Inner Child Loves VAN HELSING (and Yours Should Too)

Hey, remember that time Dracula hired Doctor Frankenstein to build a monster, one that could be used to bring Dracula’s army of stillborn bat children to life? It was up to Van Helsing to stop him, but Van Helsing totally turned into a werewolf and had to team up with the Frankenstein monster to destroy […]


The 5th UNDERWORLD Movie Has Got A New Title

The 5th movie in the UNDERWORLD franchise is coming later this year, and we now have an official title for this entry in the series as revealed via the official Facebook page. UNDERWORLD BLOOD WARS will arrive in theaters October 14th, 2016 courtesy of Lakeshore Entertainment and Screen Gems, just in time for the Halloween season! Kate […]