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PHANTASM Creator Don Coscarelli Joins Mick Garris On The Latest POST MORTEM!

If you’re a horror fan, then POST MORTEM should be one of your must-listen podcasts. (Right next to Shock Waves, of course!) Mick Garris hosts, and delves into informative, in-depth interviews with some of the finest fellow filmmakers and peers. He’s had everyone from Rob Zombie to Eli Roth to Walter Hill on. Not to […]


The Great Don Coscarelli Joins Us On SHOCK WAVES To Talk PHANTASM And Beyond!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Ryan Turek, Rebekah McKendry, and Elric Kane as they catch up on all the latest horrors! Rob talks about the latest from Sean Byrne (director of THE LOVED ONES), THE DEVIL’S CANDY, as well as the original 1933 KING KONG, and reports back from a double bill of John Carpenter’s ASSAULT […]


It’s Time To Revisit BUBBA HO-TEP; Here Are 6 Reasons Why

If ever there was a film that deserved it’s “cult” status, it’d have to be BUBBA HO-TEP; an independent movie based on a short story by Joe Lansdale, adapted for the screen by the director of PHANTASM and staring that EVIL DEAD guy as an aging Elvis Presley, only he’s the real Elvis. Add to […]


Graham Skipper’s Directorial Debut SEQUENCE BREAK Now In Production!

When it comes to directing a genre movie, sometimes there’s no better candidate than a life-long horror fan. And in this case, we’re thrilled with the following news. Graham Skipper is no stranger to the genre. He’s appeared in both of Joe Begos’ films ALMOST HUMAN and the upcoming THE MIND’S EYE. You can catch him […]


5 Hilarious Horror Comedies Now Streaming On Netflix Instant

I love all sub-genres of horror, but for whatever reason, I find horror comedies to be irresistible. Maybe it’s because for me, the best horror is the kind of stuff you can watch as a communal experience. And if you’re going to get a group of friends together to watch a movie, you don’t want […]


5 More Totally Trippy Drug-fueled Horror Films

Last week, we posted 5 awesome trippy drug-fueled horror films on Check our first five out here- We thought we would continue the trip and drop five more. Time to open your mind…   NAKED LUNCH (1991) Some would argue that this is not a true horror film, but it scared the hell […]

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Laughing to Death: 5 Horror Comedies Now Available on Netflix Instant Streaming!

For the majority of folks, today means heading back to work after the holiday weekend. Need something to lighten your mood? Check out these 5 outrageously funny horror-comedy movies, now streaming on Netflix Instant for the week of November 29th. BIG ASS SPIDER! (2013) A giant alien spider is growing to shocking proportions in Los […]