The 13th Floor



Two films that impacted my young teenage years were David Lynch’s DUNE and Don Coscarelli’s PHANTASM.  The more I delved into Frank Herbert’s adaptation of DUNE and reviewed the PHANTASM franchise, the more I couldn’t help but appreciate how these two brilliant works of art complement each other. I’m not the first to compare PHANTASM […]


5 Reasons SANTA SANGRE Is A Great Horror Film

Earlier this week, we had David Gregory and Carl Daft, the two fellows behind genre home video label Severin Films as special guests on the Shock Waves podcast. They’ve managed to restore and put out some of the craziest, most eccentric and bizarre cult genre gems, but one of their most well celebrated is SANTA […]


Teaser Trailer, Exclusive Pic From BEYOND THE GATES!

If you grew up in the era of the mom & pop video stores, and spent hours scanning the boxes of VHS covers in the horror section, then we’ve got the movie for you! Below you’ll find the teaser trailer for Jackson Stewart’s directorial feature debut BEYOND THE GATES, co-scripted by Stewart with Stephen Scarlatta (JODOROWSKI’S […]