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Ryan Murphy’s FEUD and the Resurrection of Hagsploitation Horror

With the FX series FEUD: BETTE AND JOAN, AMERICAN HORROR STORY creator Ryan Murphy’s pathological adherence to cult affiliations continues with his immersive, semi-biographical exhumation of two of the most iconic figures in the narrative history of cinema — Joan Crawford and Bette Davis — and in the process resurrects a brief and bygone cinematic […]


Revisiting the Bizarre “Hollywood Hag” Genre

A salient line of dialogue from the rarely-mentioned 1996 comedy film THE FIRST WIVES CLUB really pinpointed the way women are treated by the Hollywood machine. In the film, Goldie Hawn — 50 at the time — plays an actress who finds that she is aging out of certain roles, and laments that Hollywood tends […]


Please Pass the Anthropoid: Remembering MONSTER ON THE CAMPUS and TROG!

Bringing one of our prehistoric cave-­dwelling ancestors into the modern world never seems to work out well. It always ends with destruction of property, women and children in peril and, naturally, a series of brutal deaths at hairy hands of said revived cave person. Two fine genre directors slipped on cinematic banana peels with their entries […]