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People Are Straight Up Scared Of Sadako In These RING Pranks

Earlier this week, I revisited the original Japanese RING movies, RINGU and RINGU 2 for my weekly edition of “Double Take.” It brought me right back to that era of vibrant scary Asian cinema that was coming out in the late 90’s / early 2000’s. And naturally, where there’s any spurt of creativity, Hollywood is […]


HORROR IN THE FLESH: A History of Horror Theatre

We’re thrilled to welcome back to guest contributor Graham Skipper, star of the films ALMOST HUMAN, TALES OF HALLOWEEN and the upcoming THE MIND’S EYE and BEYOND THE GATES, also known on stage as Herbert West in RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL. When we discuss the horror genre, more often than not we are talking about horror films. […]


Revisiting The Original RING Movies RINGU & RINGU 2!

The late 90’s was a strange time for horror. Riding off the wave set about by Wes Craven’s smash success SCREAM, the Hollywood machine began churning out “slasher” whodunits, each one more intricate, slightly bonkers and more sarcastic & cynical than the last. But over in Japan, a cultural phenomenon was about to break that […]


The Art Of Japanese JAWSpoiltation

Steven Spielberg’s JAWS is not only a classic that spawned countless rip-offs, but it also has one of the most iconic movie poster designs of all time. The visual of a peaceful female swimmer just moments away from being devoured by a giant shark has been burned into audience’s heads for years. The recent trend of […]

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Behold This Terrifying SLIT-MOUTHED WOMAN Prank!

This is easily one of the most random, bizarre and terrifying video pranks concocted! Have you ever heard the urban legend of the “Slit-Mouthed Woman,” aka Kuchisake-onna? The super condensed basic gist of it is she is a woman who was mutilated by her husband and later returns as a malicious spirit. According to the urban legend, […]


Coming This Summer, It’s THE RING VS THE GRUDGE!

What started out as a fan-made teaser trailer for a hypothetical mash-up between the Japanese horror franchises THE RING (RINGU) and THE GRUDGE (JU-ON) has taken on a life of its own! Based on the over-enthusiastic response to that fan trailer, it convinced Kadokawa and NBC Universal Japan to produce a proper THE RING VS THE GRUDGE […]

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6 More Surreal & Disturbing Japanese Horror Movies

Last week, we explored 5 disconcerting, demented Japanese films that are sure to bend your horror-loving brain. Check out last week’s list here. This week is back with another list of insane horror flicks from Japan. Some of these get very intense, so approach with a stable, open, and versatile psyche. HORRORS OF MALFORMED […]

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5 Absolutely Bizarre and Mind-blowing Japanese Horror Films

Whenever I find myself wanting an experience beyond the standard horror themes that we see stateside, I love turning to overseas genre flicks to reinvigorate my passion and show me something wild I’ve never seen in horror before. Often I find some of my fave unusual and groundbreaking horror highlights hailing from Japan. Yes, of course […]


One Twisted Japanese Movie: A Look Back at UZUMAKI aka SPIRAL

In 2000, Ukrainian-born Japanese director Andrey Higuchinsky created what was quite possibly one of the strangest horror films of its time. UZUMAKI (or SPIRAL) is the story of  Kirie, a high school student whose boyfriend’s father has become obsessed with spirals. His fixation leads him to place himself in a washing machine in order to […]