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A Look Back At Every Trailer From THE RING Franchise!

Yesterday, Paramount Pictures dropped the latest theatrical poster for RINGS, the latest in the Samara saga, which is meant to revive THE RING franchise. With the February 3rd release date looming, perhaps we’ll get another trailer to tease a bit more about the movie before it hits theaters? But regardless, when a new entry in […]


Samara Returns! New RINGS Poster Drops!

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper sequel in THE RING franchise, at least for the American version of the series. But finally, Samara will return in 2017! February 3rd to be exact. And Paramount Pictures has just released the new poster which reminds you exactly what happens when you watch the infamous […]

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The Bizarre and Frightening Films of Junji Ito

The 2000s J-Horror period of American cinema, while often disregarded, is still one of importance to the genre. In the 2000s, several Japanese horror properties were successfully adapted and remade for American audiences, such as THE RING, THE GRUDGE, and PULSE, among others. Looking back, I’m still rather surprised that the works of dental technician […]

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These SCARY Window Decal Faces SHOULD Discourage High Beam Usage!

Have you ever been on the road and have some jerk just rev and ride up your ass, then start flashing their high beams at you? What’s the rush?! Well, apparently this scenario happens all too often in China, and one company has come up with a fairly reasonable solution. How ’bout we scare the […]

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Animation Aberration: The 10 Goriest Japanese Anime

Beautifully rendered and vividly colored, there’s just something about seeing violence in an animated form that can make it even more effective. So, it’s no wonder the horror genre translates so well into anime. And there have been a number of series that have pushed the limits of just how much death, destruction, and gore […]


Samara Returns In The New American RINGS Trailer! Coming This October!

Earlier this year in Japan, the infamous Sadako from THE RING franchise got to go up against Kayako from THE GRUDGE series and duke it out until the er… after-death. But it’s been a long, long time since there’s been any (paranormal) activity revolving around their American counterpart Samara. 11 years to be exact as […]



Ever since we first heard that a movie pitting THE RING’s Sadako against THE GRUDGE’s Kayako was coming, we’ve been eagerly awaiting any news on how the hell to see it here in America! The teaser trailer was awesome. The second trailer was even better. And the marketing for the film in Japan continued to […]

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The Best Movies of the 2000s Asian Horror Boom

In the early 2000s, the American remakes of THE RING and THE GRUDGE (both based on Japanese films) became instant box office successes. Suddenly, all of Hollywood turned towards the Asian horror markets looking for anything that could be remade. The Asian territories were also having a simultaneous horror boom, churning out countless art dread […]


THE RING VS THE GRUDGE On The Baseball Field! SADAKO Throws Out The 1st Pitch!

Seriously, the marketing behind the upcoming “grudge” match between SADAKO VS KAYAKO continues to get better and better. If you missed it, there were a series of public service announcement commercials, Kayako now has an Instagram account and the trailers have been so much fun thus far. Well, today they took it even one step […]


Marketing Win! SADAKO & KAYAKO Encourage Theater Etiquette In These TV Spots!

How else could the marketing behind the upcoming showdown movie SADAKO VS KAYAKO get any better? Yesterday, we pointed out that Kayako currently has an Instagram account you can follow. And in prep for the battle of the century between the lead villains of THE RING (RINGU) and THE GRUDGE (JU-ON) franchises, now there’s a […]

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Kayako From THE GRUDGE Has An Instagram Account

Here at the offices, we’re huge fans of Japanese horror and in particular, both the original THE RING and THE GRUDGE franchises. So naturally, like a lot of you out there, we’re beyond excited for this summer’s showdown between their lead specters. SADAKO VS KAYAKO opens in Japan on June 18th, and we’ve already […]



A few months back, we all got excited by the teaser trailer of SADAKO VS KAYAKO, which takes the lead ghosts from both THE RING and THE GRUDGE franchises and pits them against each other. I don’t know what it is about the concept of a “versus” movies that gets us, but who wouldn’t want […]


SADAKO 3D! Delving Into THE RING In The Third Dimension!

My journey into the darkest well of the J-horror universe continues! I’ve already revisited the original Japanese RINGU and its sequel RINGU 2. Then I jumped to 2002 for the American remake of THE RING, paired up with its 2005 follow-up THE RING TWO. This week, I wanted a modern take on the mythology of […]