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Gay Porn and Blue Murder: Making the True-Crime Biopic KING COBRA

The stylishly subversive and hyperkinetic re-imagining of the infamous Brent Corrigan/Bryan Kocis porn murder case KING COBRA (based on the true crime book COBRA KILLER by Anthony E. Stoner & Peter A. Conway) has ushered in a powerful new voice in independent queer cinema by the name of Justin Kelly. It was while conducting hard […]


New Incredibly F’ed Up SAUSAGE PARTY Trailer Turns Lunchtime into a Horror Show!

The concept of SAUSAGE PARTY seems like a conversation that two stoners would have at 4am, and it probably was. Due in theaters on August 12th, the flick examines the incredibly morbid side of the food you eat. Starring Paul Rudd, James Franco, and Seth Rogan as various food products, SAUSAGE PARTY presents a twisted […]


The Greatest Horror/ Western Movie Never Made: The Wild History of BLOOD MERIDIAN

Quentin Tarantino may know how to make a blood bath of a western, but he’s no match for the brutality and carnage laid down by Cormac McCarthy in his 1985 novel BLOOD MERIDIAN.  Following the perspective of its main character, known only as “the kid”, BLOOD MERIDIAN tells the story of a real life group […]