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5 More Memorable VHS Marketing Gimmicks!

If you got a kick out of the previous installment of VHS box gimmicks here on, here’s another helping of home video ballyhoo that’s sure to impress your analog inclinations! Here are five more pieces of outstanding VHShowmanship that encouraged you to rent, buy and simply marvel at the incredible ingenuity those VHS mongers […]


5 Killer Holiday Horror Movie Themed GIFS

Looking for a way to jingle up that Facebook page or email tag while still maintaining your horror-loving spirit. Check out these 5 holiday horror gifs that are sure to make your day merry and bright!   From 1990s movie IT:   From 1984s GREMLINS:ت From 1984s SILENT NIGHT, DEADLY NIGHT: From 1997s Jack Frost: via GIPHY And […]


Todd McFarlane Wishes You a Twisted Christmas

As outrage-happy as our society is today, things weren’t all that different in decades past. When SILENT NIGHT DEADLY NIGHT was released back in 1984, for example, parents were so upset about the idea of the horror genre exploiting the holiday season that they forced the film to be pulled from theaters, despite the fact that […]