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Eight Movies With Horribly Misleading Titles (And What To Watch Instead)

We’ve all been there: You’re scrolling through the titles at the local video store (well, more likely, Walmart discount bin and/or On Demand listing) looking for horror offerings and a great title catches your eye. You click on it and the movie that spills forth is nothing like what the title promised. There’s hardly a […]


Bonus SHOCK WAVES Episode! Getting To Know Your Host Ryan Turek

On this special bonus episode of Shock Waves, your host Rob Galluzzo interviews fellow co-host Ryan Turek to give listeners a bit more insight into the tastes of the current head of development over at Blumhouse Productions. Ryan dishes the dirt on his top 5 desert island horror movies, first genre celebrity encounter, horror dates, […]


First Official Trailer For IT COMES AT NIGHT!

Here’s a new horror flick to put on your radar, fresh off of its surprise premiere at the Overlook Film Festival last weekend. On June 9th, A24 will release the new film from writer/director Trey Edward Shults (KRISHA) and it looks intriguing and creepy as hell! Starring Joel Edgerton, here is your first look at […]

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2017 Summer Preview: 10 Must-See Horror Movies Coming This Summer

The summer of 2017 is almost upon us, and there are plenty of horror films on the way! While you are planning your vacation, be sure to include some trips to the movie theater as well.  Here are 10 horror films slated for May through September of 2017 that have piqued our interest. ALIEN: COVENANT- May […]