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Public Domain Theatre: Bela Lugosi’s Weirdest Movie – THE APE MAN

THE APE MAN may be the most surrealistic Poverty Row thriller ever made! With a way-out plot that’s a Salvador Dali fever dream, nightmarish imagery, cardboard sets, low-rent lab gear, a 1940s Brenda Starr, ghost hunters and a half-human Bela Lugosi on the prowl – what more could anyone want? And lucky for us Lugosi […]


9 Outrageous and Uncensored Pre-code Horror Films You Should See Now

The term Pre-Code refers to a time period before a series of guidelines known as the Motion Picture Production Code were instated. The codes came about as a means for the industry to censor itself without the intrusion of the Federal Government.  Before the codes, the movies of the late 20’s and early 30’s were […]