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Stuart Gordon’s Unmade IRON MAN: When The “Masters Of Horror” Almost Made MARVEL Movies

As someone that grew up an avid reader of comic books, we are currently living in glorious times. Most of my favorites have all already graced the silver screen, and they’ll pretty much continue to do so for the next decade. But there was a time when it seemed like we’d never get a live-action […]

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Will We Be Seeing US AGENT In The Next CAPTAIN AMERICA Movie?

This whole article is pure speculation. I have no insider knowledge about what the gang at Marvel are planning to do in the future with Captain America, I only know how this kind of stuff goes down in the comics. Also – if you haven’t seen CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR, there will be spoilers ahead. […]


Fanmade BACK TO THE FUTURE Prequel Offers Doc Brown’s Dark Backstory

I love the BACK TO THE FUTURE movies. And we’ll (thankfully) never, ever get a 4th one. Why bother? The trilogy is great as is & shouldn’t be touched. But that hasn’t stopped FUTURE enthusiasts from imagining wild scenarios to take the franchise. How ’bout a prequel? You ever stop to wonder what Doc Brown […]