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How CASTLEVANIA Led To INSIDIOUS! Leigh Whannell Is On The Latest SHOCK WAVES!

Join your hosts Rob Galluzzo (that’s me!), Ryan Turek, Elric Kane and Rebekah McKendry as they discuss all the latest horrors on episode 23 of Shock Waves! First, the gang catches up on horror TV with THE EXORCIST, THE WALKING DEAD, ASH VS EVIL DEAD, CHANNEL ZERO and much more. Bekah checked out THE CONJURING […]


Scientists Prove Scary Movies Can LITERALLY Curdle Your Blood!

The old-fashioned expression “blood-curdling” is still used to describe anything extremely scary, but according to a scientific study recently published in the British Medical Journal, that term might e accurate: watching horror movies can literally trigger a measurable change in your blood. The study, entitled “Bloodcurdling Movies and Measures of Coagulation: Fear Factor Crossover Trial,” […]

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Man Watches INSIDIOUS in Virtual Reality… and Freaks the Hell Out

A man named Jason recently decided to watch a movie on a virtual-reality headset, which offers the user a completely immersive audio-visual experience that can be disorienting and sometimes intensely frightening. So naturally, he picked a film that is already frightening enough on its own. As shown in the following video, this gentleman was not […]