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The Horrors of Drug Addiction in Movies

In an age of knee-jerk aversion to remakes of classic horror movies, no one (including myself) expected 2013’s EVIL DEAD to be what it was: Absolutely fantastic. Director Fede Alvarez, along with the film’s writers, cast, and producers, managed to create something that honored the source material (Sam Raimi’s seminal EVIL DEAD Trilogy) while bringing […]


Lesser-Known Found Footage Horror Films We Dare You to Watch — Part 2!

After we published our first list of lesser-known horror features from the “found footage” or “mockumentary” horror subgenre, we received an avalanche of feedback from fans and detractors alike. But regardless of which side you choose in this debate, you’ve got to admit folks are passionate about their preferences. I suspect both camps will find their […]