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Check Out the Teaser and Exclusive Info on Stylish Indie Slasher ANGEL!

The next feature project from award-winning filmmaker Tory Jones — whose previous old-school slasher THE WICKED ONE garnered praise from fans and press alike — is already back at work on the new feature ANGEL, which hints at even more stylish suspense, possibly on a grander scale. The tale is primarily set in the abandoned […]


A24 Delivers Artsy New Trailer For Hypnotic Flick WOODSHOCK

A24 has been consistently releasing some of the most interesting and unique fringe films; things that might appeal to genre fans, but that aren’t exactly genre. Examples include EX MACHINA, THE WITCH, THE BLACKCOAT’S DAUGHTER, as well as the upcoming A GHOST STORY and IT COMES AT NIGHT (which we got a look at last […]