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This Faux Trailer Show’s Us What Quentin Tarantino’s SUICIDE SQUAD Would Be Like

What is it about the concept of “team-up” movies that gets us all so excited? I guess it’s those hypothetical scenarios that we used to debate about with our friends when we were younger. For me as a comic book lover, it was fairly easy to wonder aloud, “Who’d win in a fight? The Incredible […]


Los Angeles! IFCs ROAD GAMES Screening this Weekend with Barbara Crampton in Attendance!

Hey Los Angeles horror fans! This Friday and Saturday evening the new IFC film, ROAD GAMES, is screening at the Arena Theater in Hollywood. Several members of the cast and crew will be attending the event for a live post Q and A which (on Saturday night) will be moderated by myself, Rebekah McKendry. Included […]

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Would You Watch a GHOSTBUSTERS Sitcom? Hell Yeah, You Would!

Before you get too excited, the video you’re about to see isn’t actually a promo for a forthcoming TV sitcom based on Ivan Reitman’s classic 1984 horror-comedy and its 1989 sequel; it’s really a drop-dead brilliant edit job by the folks at IFC, who are airing GHOSTBUSTERS for Halloween. Sorry to bust your bubble there. But still, […]



It’s difficult to describe the work of filmmaker Larry Fessenden, but his voice is the unique and intriguing kind that we as horror fans are always in search of. We want to see something different. Be challenged. Think about the films we see long after we’ve seen them, on top of being scared. Whereas for […]