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Check Out These Witch Pants Made of Human Skin that are Thought to Bring Good Luck!

Iceland in the 17th century was awash with tales of witchcraft and sorcery. Unlike the Salem Witch Trials most people are familiar with, Icelandic witchcraft was most frequently practiced by men, and the accusations weren’t based on hysteria. The people of Iceland actually practiced witchcraft – whether or not it was effective is doubtful at […]


John Carpenter’s First Live Music Performance Is Scheduled… For Iceland!

We’ve all been ecstatic since horror legend-turned-rockstar John Carpenter released LOST THEMES, the filmmaker/composer’s first album of entirely new compositions, and our mania was further fueled by his announcements of both a follow-up record, new artist collaborations… and just maybe a few actual live shows. Well, you can scratch the “maybe” part, because we’ve just […]