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There’s Someone In The House! Homeless Person Living In Person’s Cabinet

Have you ever been lying in bed late at night, when suddenly you hear the floor creak? You brush it off as the house settling, or the family cat pouncing around in the dark. But, then the noises continue. Things start to disappear. You have a sense that you’re being watched. Are you just being […]


5 Hilarious Horror Comedies Now Streaming On Netflix Instant

I love all sub-genres of horror, but for whatever reason, I find horror comedies to be irresistible. Maybe it’s because for me, the best horror is the kind of stuff you can watch as a communal experience. And if you’re going to get a group of friends together to watch a movie, you don’t want […]

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Laughing to Death: 5 Horror Comedies Now Available on Netflix Instant Streaming!

For the majority of folks, today means heading back to work after the holiday weekend. Need something to lighten your mood? Check out these 5 outrageously funny horror-comedy movies, now streaming on Netflix Instant for the week of November 29th. BIG ASS SPIDER! (2013) A giant alien spider is growing to shocking proportions in Los […]

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5 Fearsome Horror Flicks Now Streaming on Netflix Instant!

Looking for the perfect frightening flicks for Halloween? Blumhouse has you covered! Here are our selections of the best horror movies streaming on Netflix Instant for the week of October 26th, Halloween week! HOUSEBOUND (2014) This New Zealand horror comedy focuses on a young girl who is placed under house arrest with her mother. She […]