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10 Essential Vincent Price Movies

Growing up as a horror fan, there was no shortage of options when it came to Vincent Price movies. He made so many films in his short time with us that there were always plenty to be discovered, and there always will be. Although his magnetic screen presence and persona were apparent in everything he did, he was often […]

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10 Best Unlikely Weapons in Horror Movies

Cinema is magic.  Or, more to the point, cinema is a magic trick.  It’s the art of combining craft, form and pace to construct an illusion for a willing audience.  And one of the most willing audiences is the horror-obsessed.  We live to see things we can only imagine, and we can imagine a lot.  […]


The 10 Scariest Horror Movies of the 1950s

It’s October, and everyone is on the quest to find some highly scary viewing for the Halloween holiday. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be working my way through the decades, highlighting the absolute scariest horror films from each. The 1950s are usually associated with cheezy b-grade monsters, campy mad scientists, and stiff-walking aliens bringing some […]


THE SHALLOWS Director Talks Returning to ORPHAN and More Liam Neeson Action

THE SHALLOWS, which pits Blake Lively against a marauding great white shark and opened this past Friday, brings director Jaume Collet-Serra back to the horror field where he began his career, with the 2005 version of HOUSE OF WAX. He saw his greatest success in the genre with 2009’s ORPHAN, and while talking up THE SHALLOWS […]


Netflix Adds New Horror Titles: 5 Frightening Flicks That Are Now Streaming!

Netflix added a few new horror titles in January. Whoo-hoo! Fresh blood! We have culled a list of 5 fantastic Netflix horror movies below. This includes their newest horror acquisitions, as well as a few older titles you may have missed. THE FACULTY (1998) Oh, high school. You suck in general! But now the faculty […]


5 Must Own 3D Blu-Rays!

Man oh man. I am a 3D junkie. I just love it. But mind you, I’m not talking about spending the extra cash, getting the bulky glasses and seeing a predominantly darkly projected movie in the movie theaters. No, I love 3D movies in the home environment! In fact, I often skip seeing 3D movies […]