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Revisiting Japan’s Banned & Highly Controversial HORRORS OF MALFORMED MEN

A man wakes up in a mental institution unaware of why he’s there and with no memory of who he is, only strange visions and random memories he can’t place.  When a man from a wealthy family (who happens to look exactly like him) dies, the man assumes his identity.  Posing as a dead man, […]


10 Excellent but Lesser-Known International Horror Films

Looking to expand your horror vocabulary and check out some horror movies you may have missed? Time to take a world tour (and history tour as well). Below are ten terrific movies from overseas which sadly are not as well known in the states as they should be. TONY (England) – 2009 This hardcore, gritty, and extremely […]

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6 More Surreal & Disturbing Japanese Horror Movies

Last week, we explored 5 disconcerting, demented Japanese films that are sure to bend your horror-loving brain. Check out last week’s list here. This week is back with another list of insane horror flicks from Japan. Some of these get very intense, so approach with a stable, open, and versatile psyche. HORRORS OF MALFORMED […]