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Nine Terrifying Folklore-Based Horror Films

The first horror stories were arguably fairy tales — nightmares told as warnings, or case studies in sin. Naturally, plenty of films have adapted or interpreted these legends into a visual medium; however, while it’s one thing to craft a story based on myth, it’s another entirely to realize the myth in its full form […]


JIGSAW Returns! The First Trailer For The New SAW Is Here!

If it’s Halloween, it must be SAW! It’s been quite a while since we’ve heard that tagline, but Lionsgate have just debuted the first trailer to their upcoming SAW sequel, simply titled JIGSAW! Let’s not hesitate! Watch it below! One of the highest grossing horror franchises of all time is back, taking the Jigsaw killer’s […]


Joe Hill Ranks 2017 Version Of “IT” As One Of The Five Scariest Films Ever Made!

Are you ready for IT? September 8th is not that far away so it’ll be here before you know it. And if you weren’t already excited enough, here’s a little something to get you even more pumped for the return of Pennywise. Joe Hill, author and son of Stephen King, recently partook in a Q […]


Beware! Trailer And Exclusive Clip For THE ICE CREAM TRUCK Are Here!

You know, not a lot of people have taken advantage of Ice Cream Man-sploitation. Sure, there’s the 1995 cult classic flick ICE CREAM MAN featuring Clint Howard in the title role. I guess, Tom Holland’s segment of MASTERS OF HORROR from Season 2 fits the bill? But where are the rest of the maniacs in ice […]


From The Director Of LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, Check Out The Trailer To THE SNOWMAN!

Wait a minute… from the director of the original LET THE RIGHT ONE IN, based upon the Jo Nesbø novel, starring Michael Fassbender and featuring a giallo-esque serial killer who calls himself “the Snowman?” That’s what Universal Pictures is unleashing on us come October 20th! Check out this insane trailer! Synopsis: Michael Fassbender (X-Men series), Rebecca Ferguson […]


Steve Ellison AKA Flying Lotus Talks Imagery And Anxiety In His Movie KUSO!

KUSO (meaning “shit” in Japanese) is the feature film directorial debut of rapper, music producer, and founder of the Brainfeeders recording label Flying Lotus, who prefers to be known as Steve Ellison when sitting in the director’s chair. Distributed by Shudder, the Netflix of horror fandom, KUSO is an intensely grotesque, yet darkly artistic set […]


5 New Free Horror Movies New To Vudu In July

Every month, Vudu, the streaming service for those codes that come in your Blu-Rays, adds movies that are free to watch with ads. Sure, it isn’t the best way to watch a movie – the ads can be a little jarring since it just cuts to them instead of having the movie fade out like […]


School’s In Session! Filmmaking Tips From LIGHTS OUT/ANNABELLE: CREATION Director David Sandberg

One of my favorite episodes of the Shock Waves podcast that we did was with filmmaker David F. Sandberg, the director of LIGHTS OUT and the upcoming ANNABELLE: CREATION. A big part of it was because of his story, and the way he approaches making his scary short films which led directly into his big […]


6 “True Crime” Shows Currently Streaming On Netflix Instant!

If there’s one specific type of television show that’s binge worthy, it’s usually a great, gripping “true crime” story. Netflix has had their fair share of overnight phenomenons with surprise hits MAKING A MURDERER and more recently, THE KEEPERS. Now, the following are not Netflix originals, but they are recently added “true crime” inspired television […]


Criminally Underrated Director Brad Anderson and His Five Most Terrifying Films

Brad Anderson isn’t often recognized as a key contributor to the horror genre. The reason has nothing to do with Anderson’s talent, which seems to have no ceiling, the reason Anderson doesn’t get the fan adoration he deserves is likely because he does a masterful job of blending genres. Nearly every film the man has […]

Comic Books 

Trailer For John Carpenter’s TALES FOR A HALLOWEEN NIGHT VOL. 3 Debuts!

For most of us, when we think “Halloween,” we think John Carpenter. And who better to continue delivering creepy tales set around our favorite holiday than the man who gave us Michael Myers! From Storm King Productions, the third in a series of graphic novels has been announced and queued up for release this September […]


A Tribute to George A. Romero: Father of Modern Horror

The grief you and I are feeling today is beyond measure, as the passing of legendary filmmaker George Andrew Romero impacts each of us uniquely — just as his iconic works have changed our lives and careers in so many different ways. Whether you’re a horror fan who grew up on Romero’s classics, a filmmaker […]


Terrifying Short TUCK ME IN Will Scare You In Less Than One Minute!

Brrrr…… this short film is a creepy one! Earlier this week, we shared the trailer to the upcoming feature THE HATRED. Much like the original teaser for THE CONJURING, the strongest aspect of the trailer was that it let one full scene from the movie play out. And it’s a terrifying one! Naturally, because this […]