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Watch Every Jason Unmasking From FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME!

One of the most fun aspects of watching each subsequent FRIDAY THE 13TH sequel is the inevitable reveal of Jason’s face! For no rhyme or reason, his appearance always changes from film to film, and yet it’s just one of the many charming reasons I love the FRIDAY franchise. A lot of you have been […]

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FRIDAY THE 13TH: THE GAME Will Go “Retro” On June 20th!

I really wish I was personally more on top of things when it comes to the video game scene, because if I were, I’d be playing the hell out of the new FRIDAY THE 13TH video game! Luckily, I’ve enjoyed vicariously by watching my friends play, both as councilors and as Jason, if anything, because […]


LAYERS OF FEAR Review: Peel Back The Terror

LAYERS OF FEAR is a haunted house turned into a video game. There’s something to be said for a game whose sole purpose is to utterly disorient and terrify you, and in that goal, it succeeds remarkably. This is a horror game that’s absolutely packed with scares, leaving you a frightened mess throughout its five hour […]

CORPSE PARTY: BLOOD DRIVE Is A Blood-Soaked End To The Terrifying J-Horror Videogame Trilogy

Developer: 5pb, Team GrisGris Publisher: XSEED Platform: PS Vita The third and final installment of the cult classic horror game series, CORPSE PARTY: BLOOD DRIVE offers up a genuinely scary and remarkably deep experience for those brave enough to endure it.   A popular series in Japan that has spawned manga titles, an anime series, and most […]

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SILENT HILL Town Based on the REAL LIFE Story of Centralia, PA!

Underneath the streets a massive fire burns. Ash and smoke erupt from the earth, people flee their homes, and a once vibrant township is now a ghost town. It sounds like the opening of the popular Konami video game series SILENT HILL which was inspired by the town, but for the people of Centralia, Pennsylvania, this […]

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The 10 Goriest Video Games Ever Made!

Hope you’re not squeamish. Here we have collected ten of the bloodiest, most disgusting video games you will ever play. Many of these games have been banned from release in multiple countries and have horrified parents around the world. Don’t say we didn’t warn you… MORTAL KOMBAT X This entire series should warrant automatic inclusion, […]

Horror Video Game SOMA Takes You On A Terrifying Mind Trip!

SOMA Developed by: Frictional Games Published by: Frictional Games Platforms:  PS4 (reviewed), Windows, OSX, Linux Frictional Games‘ AMNESIA: THE DARK DESCENT redefined the horror genre in 2010. As one of the most utterly terrifying games ever created, other developers were quick to ape the style, which relied on placing you in insane situations without any sorts […]