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The 10 Best Fan-Made Horror Trailers Online

Fans have been cutting their own trailers for films for years now. Unfortunately most of them are uninspired efforts that do little to ignite new interest in the already pre-existing films. Many are also dramatically inferior to the actual trailers released by studios. But every once in a blue moon, a real keeper comes along. […]

Films Scary Fun 

Viral Flashback on the Most Realistic Horror Movie Ever- HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Movie

For today’s “Viral Flashback”, let’s revisit this YouTube gem from a few years ago. Ever found yourself watching a horror film and questioning why the characters wouldn’t just leave the creepy house? Or run out the front door instead of up the stairs to escape the slasher? Welcome to “HELL NO: The Sensible Horror Movie” […]


So Sam Raimi Directed A Terrifying Chevy Ad?!

That sneaky Sam Raimi! The last we saw of the director’s handy work was with “El Hefe,” the pilot episode of Starz ASH VS EVIL DEAD TV series, based of course upon his legendary EVIL DEAD franchise. But it looks like he also helmed this advertisement for Chevrolet, which spoofs traditional horror trailers. “We approached the […]