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3 Short Films That Will Scare the Hell Out of You in Under 3 Minutes!

It is quite a feat to be able to create a film’s set-up, build, and final scare in just a few minutes, but all these filmmakers do it amazingly well! Check out three of our favorite horror shorts below, all under three minutes long and all scary as hell!       Tuck Me in (2014) […]

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5 MORE Disturbing Horror Shorts You can Watch Online Now!

Got 10 minutes? You have enough time for some horror! Check out the excellent horror shorts below. Each one has been carefully selected by and is guaranteed to satisfied your midday horror craving.   He Dies at the End Sometimes knowing the ending ahead of time only amps the tension.   Pinned A cool […]

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Another 5 Sinister Horror Shorts You Can Watch Online Right Now!

Need a post Halloween horror fix? has you covered! Check out some of our favorite bite-sized horror shorts below!   MEAT- Have you ever wondered what unicorn meat tastes like? This is a fun short from director/writer Drew Daywalt who has made our weekly list in past.   IN THE WALL- IN THE WALL stars b-movie […]

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Revisiting the Short Horror Film 2AM: THE SMILING MAN

A few weeks back, we included the film 2AM: THE SMILING MAN as part of our Blumhouse Short Film Picks of the week. Fans absolutely loved this particular short, and we received tons of feedback about how absolutely terrifying and unique the segment was. So to give you one more quick bit of terror before […]

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5 Frightening and Fun Horror Short Films You Can Watch Online Right Now

Have a a quick 10 minutes to spare during a coffee break? You have time for some horror! Check out these five chilling short films below. MONSTER PROBLEMS– Every Halloween, Adam Green’s company, ArieScope Pictures (HATCHET, HOLLISTON), releases a short film. This year’s short is especially fun demonstrating the power of the bed blanket when […]

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5 Super Scary Horror Shorts You Can Watch Online Right Now!

Need a quick burst of horror to feed your sinister need throughout the day? Check out these five awesome horror shorts, now available online! 2AM: THE SMILING MAN Brisk and simple in concept, this one starts out a bit strange but quickly escalates into a “scary as shit” category.     SLASH-IN-THE-BOX A disturbing new […]