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WATCH The Terrors That Lurk Just Outside THE CLOSET!

For a brief period there, some of the most terrifying quickie horror shorts on the web came courtesy of filmmaker Drew Daywalt and his crew at Daywalt Fear Factory. Branching off from the filmmaking troupe known as Fewdio, Daywalt and a small group of friends would get together on weekends and shoot a horror idea, […]

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Need a Snack? Visit the Refreshment Stand in Hell in this Twisted Short

The animated horror short “Follow the Sun” made its way around the film festival circuit back in 2011. Focusing on the old “let’s all go to the lobby” refreshment ads that used to play at drive-ins and theaters (but with a morbid twist), the segment quickly became one of my favorite shorts. The short has […]


This LUCHAGORE CHRISTMAS Short Should Get You In The Holiday Spirit!

Here’s a quickie, creepy short film that should satiate your appetite for the macabre this Christmas! It comes from filmmaker / actress / cinematic jack-of-all-trades Gigi Saul Guerrero, whose previous horror shorts such as DIA DE LOS MUERTOS and MEXICO BARBARO have been killing (pun intended) on the festival circuit these last few years. It’s only 2 […]