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The Most Disturbing Thing You’ll Watch Today: DON’T HUG ME I’M SCARED

For today’s viral video flashback, we are traveling back to 2011 when a table full of weird puppets told us all to think more creatively. Then life got weird and scary. Oh dear god, make it stop!


Fun Sized Horror Short Of The Week: Try Getting Sleep After Watching GOOD NIGHT!

Ready to get your bite sized horror short fix of the week? This one comes from our friends at Fun Size Horror, directed by Jack Bennett, starring Henry Stephen Miller, Frank Dietz, and Jo Holland, and written by none other than our own social media manager here at, Mister John Humphrey! In GOOD NIGHT, […]

The 5 Scariest Horror Shorts that are Under Five Minutes

We watch a lot of horror short films at, and we love debating which are the funniest or have the best concepts. But how about the scariest? For today, we have carved together our list of the five creepiest, freakiest, and most chilling horror shorts we could fine online that are also under five […]


VIDEO: Watch What Happens When an 80’s Slasher Villain Meets Modern Technology

Hi, all! When I was first interviewing to come onboard at, I mentioned a short film I had made a couple years back, and we thought it might be fun to share it on the site! Well, the time has finally come for you to meet iMADMAN. Starting Briana White and Biff Miller (MODERN […]


Here Is THE DEAD RINGER, A Horror Short Under One Minute!

Ready for your daily dose of horror? Here’s one that will get ya in under 60 seconds! This minute long horror short comes from filmmaker Carlos Arata. And it’s titled THE DEAD RINGER! Have a peek below! For more from Carlos Arata, hit up his Vimeo page at this link.  


Got 5 Minutes? Check Out the Freaky Short Film STORAGE

Today’s short is coming to us all the way from Sweden, and it is quite chilling! Created by filmmakers Henry Chu and Stefan Sundberg, STORAGE follows a man and his daughter who encounter a frightening supernatural presence that can only be viewed through a cell phone camera lens.

Can You Handle 3 Minutes of Terror with THE MOONLIGHT MAN Short Film?

In need of a coffee break or just have three minutes to spare? Well, that’s all the time we need to scare the heck out of you! Check out THE MOONLIGHT MAN, directed by Danny Donahue. A girl encounters a strange being while walking to her car, and, after accidentally losing her keys, she finds […]


Got 90 Seconds? Check Out the Frightening Horror Short FROM BELOW!

Let’s kick the week off with a brisk bit of terror! This short film hails from the mind of Ben Sottak (a former Blumhouse intern). To see more of Ben’s work, go here. And check out the horror short FROM BELOW right here…


Get Your Dose Of Fun Sized Horror With This Short WHEN THEY SAY YOU’RE ALONE!

Ready for your mid-week bite sized serving of horror? The fine fiends at “Fun Size Horror” have conjured up the following creepy and surreal short film, WHEN THEY SAY YOU’RE ALONE. This one is directed by Grant Olin, who has an extensive resume in the visual FX world, and exec produced by Marcus Dunstan, screenwriter of […]


Beware Of The Stranger In This Scary Short Film THE PHOTOGRAPHER!

It’s the end of the week, and time to unwind. For most of us, that entails breaking out some horror the weekend. Why not kick it off with some bite-sized horror and our recommended short of the week? From French filmmaker Kévin Mendiboure, his latest project THE PHOTOGRAPHER explores just how scary social media can […]


Check Out SEE YOU SOON, A 14 Second Horror Short From The Director Of LIGHTS OUT!

I’ve always said that two of my favorite genres of film are horror movies and comedies. The one thing they both have in common is they both have the power to elicit an uncontrollable reaction out of you. If you see something scary? You jump. If you see something funny, you can’t help but laugh […]


Terrifying Horror Short: Is MR. HENDRIX Hiding in Your Closet?

We love Fun Size Horror, a company known for creating big scares in short horror films. Today’s horror short, MR. HENDRIX is directed by Zeke Pinheiro.  Synopsis: In MR. HENDRIX, previously only seen in Fun Size Horror: Volume One, Gaylan has recently married the love of his life. Everything has been newly wedded bliss except for one […]


Fear in Under 5 Minutes: Five Shorts Based on CreepyPastas

CreepyPastas have taken the Internet by storm over the past few years! These short horror stories (often created by anonymous authors) have given us endless amusement and many sleepless nights. Recently, created some of our own visual projects around our favorite CreepyPasta tales. Check out our most recent CreepyPasta video, THE BOOK, here. But many […]