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Zoinks!: The 5 Scariest Episodes of Classic SCOOBY DOO

Like many horror fans, I grew up watching SCOOBY DOO. It was like a wonderful horror gateway drug, exposing me to monsters, mayhem, and providing light scares to my adolescent psyche. But as I’m re-watching these classic episodes with my own children, I’m discovering that some of these scares aren’t so light. Much of the […]


Gift Your Friends With The Amazing Art Of IBTrav aka TRAVIS FALLIGANT!

If you’re a horror fan, or just a fan of darned good art, then you should all be familiar with Travis Falligant and his IBTrav Illustrations. We first got word of him about a year ago when his series of SCOOBY DOO LOST MYSTERIES pieces went viral on the web! Scooby and his gang going […]