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Ten ’80s Slasher Posters That Are Better Than the Actual Movies

There’s nothing I love more than a good horror poster, but there’s a rule of thumb I’ve learned to follow: Don’t judge a slasher by its poster. Especially in the ’80s, publicity teams knocked out near works of art on a monthly basis in an attempt to get their films noticed amid the noise of the […]

Films Scary Fun 

Art is Not Dead: 10 Great Horror Posters from the 2010’s

Nostalgic film fans love to bemoan the death of the art of cinema as the media landscape shifts around them. “Movies are too shallow and puerile these days! There’s no creativity anymore! And every poster looks the same!” While it’s true we get a lot of one-sheets of a dude with his back to us, […]


Talking with Thomas Hodge: The Pop Art of Videos

Thomas Hodge is a film poster designer…for now. As an artist he has worked for a variety of corporations and eventually found his way to Sony working on their gaming covers. But after a few years the responsibility for the cover content became the domain of the game designers and not the cover artists. Thomas […]