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I Could’ve Been Arrested…For Being A Horror Fan: The Dangers of Horror Fan Profiling

Being a die-hard horror fan comes with a lot of ostracism from schoolmates, co-workers, and society in general. It’s socially acceptable to enjoy the occasional big budget horror film at your local multiplex theater, but many peers find it disconcerting if the bulk of your movie viewings consist of horror titles, you attend horror conventions, […]

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The 10 Best Fan-Made Horror Trailers Online

Fans have been cutting their own trailers for films for years now. Unfortunately most of them are uninspired efforts that do little to ignite new interest in the already pre-existing films. Many are also dramatically inferior to the actual trailers released by studios. But every once in a blue moon, a real keeper comes along. […]

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Don’t Hate! Your Childhood Is Still Intact

This may sound weird coming from a guy who wrote a whole thing not that long ago about how we need to stop supporting bad horror movies, but I think we all need to take a step back and quit hating. If you read my piece on bad horror movies and not supporting them, I […]