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5 Reasons Why We Love CLUB DREAD

It was 12 years ago this month that the Broken Lizard comedy group presented us with their horror-comedy, CLUB DREAD. The film takes place on an island resort called Pleasure Island, which is owned by a famous musician named Coconut Pete (Bill Paxton). When people start turning up dead, the staff must come together to […]

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Creepy Fun: 5 Frightening Ghosts in “Family” Movies

In film, there is a common occurrence in which a fun, exciting, family movie will for a brief moment or two scare the living crap out of everyone watching. That bit in GREMLINS when Lynn Peltzer battles a gremlin in the kitchen is maybe the best-known example of this kind of thing. That scene is more […]


We Talk With APPLESAUCE Writer/Director/Star Onur Tukel

Of all the various sub-genres within horror, I’ve always had a deep love of horror /comedies, in particular “dark comedies.” Knowing this, my Icons Of Fright co-creator Mike Cucinotta strongly recommended I check out a little indie film called SUMMER OF BLOOD about an unlikable & unmotivated slacker that becomes a vampire. He had just […]


From Vampirism To Body Parts! The APPLESAUCE Trailer!

I love horror comedies. And one of my favorite surprises of last year was discovering the vampire comedy SUMMER OF BLOOD on Netflix Instant. (It’s still on there, so add it to your queue.) So knowing that writer/ director/ star Onur Tukel has encored with a new film in a similar dark theme has got […]

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5 Things To Look Forward To In ASH VS EVIL DEAD!

For the last decade or so, it’s always been funny to catch Bruce Campbell doing one of his infamous Q & A sessions, because inevitably a fan would raise their hand and ask the same old question, “when are you and Sam Raimi going to do an EVIL DEAD 4?” At first, he would always […]



As mentioned on this week’s episode of Killer POV, one of my horror picks of the week was PLAGA ZOMBIE: ZONA MUTANTE: REVOLUCION TOXICA, a 2011 Argentinian zombie horror comedy! If that title sounds crazy to you, guess what? So is the movie! I watched it with Graham Skipper (RE-ANIMATOR: THE MUSICAL, ALMOST HUMAN, THE MIND’S EYE) […]