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Check Out These Cute & Creepy Skeleton Candles!

Much like with the Terror Teds, we here at tend to love cute & adorable things that might be hiding something sinister or evil beneath. And this collection of “Skeleton Candles” from Robert Scott are exactly up our alley! The concept for these began as a Kickstarter campaign in late 2015 for an “angry […]


Keep Freddy Away With These Coffee Scented NEVER SLEEP AGAIN Candles!

Mmmm…. I love the smell of coffee in the morning! And with the holidays fast approaching, we’re sure some of your horror loving friends love it too. How’s this for the perfect gift then? Now available on the Horror Decor website, the shop from Freddy In Space (and contributor) John Squires and artist Frank […]

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Check Out These MUST OWN Horror Candles!

As die-hard horror fans, I think it’s just programmed into our DNA that we must collect and all cool looking horror related stuff. But sometimes, these hobbies of ours can get expensive! While there’s always a slew of companies producing amazing sculpts, busts and model kits, what alternatives are there for those of us that […]