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Listen To Some Groovy Horror Tunes On The DAMN FINE CUTS FROM THE CRYPT Podcast!

If you’re already listening to the Shock Waves podcast, brought to you by, then maybe you’re familiar with my other pop-culture talk show TWO DUDES TALKING, co-hosted by my brother from another mother, Tony Giles of the Damn Fine Network. If not, and you’re a lover of all things soundtracks, then  you should become a […]


Behind-The-Scenes Look At Upcoming History Channel MONTAUK Series THE DARK FILES

One of the most fascinating and scary documentaries of the last couple of years is Christopher P. Garetano’s THE MONTAUK CHRONICLES, which delves into the infamous Camp Hero legends involving the kidnapping of young runaway boys, alien influence, and rumored inhuman experiments. Featuring both interviews with parties involved in those experiments, as well as recreations […]

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Whether you like it or not, the Netflix Original series STRANGER THINGS has infiltrated people’s sub-conscious and become a pop culture phenomenon. Just skim your social media feeds for proof of that. And according to recent reports, it’s even surpassed the viewership of Netflix’s Marvel shows DAREDEVIL and JESSICA JONES! I personally love the show and […]


Behind A Horror Obsession – A Double Feature Of AMERICAN MOVIE & HORROR BUSINESS!

For myself, and I’m sure a lot of people reading this site, we tend to populate the majority of our week with horror films. Hell, this column is dedicated to that period each week in where I carve aside 3 hours to watch a double feature of horror movies! And while I love seeing films paired […]


Check Out This Sneak Preview Of BIGFOOT, The Definitive Motion Picture!

If you’re at all familiar with the work of filmmaker Christopher P. Garetano, then this new project is really intriguing and exciting. The director behind the indie horror doc HORROR BUSINESS, as well as last year’s docu-drama THE MONTAUK CHRONICLES is back with what is being referred to as the first in a series of […]