The 13th Floor


This Viral Video Shows Monstrous “Hogzilla” Dumpster-Diving in Hong Kong

The following footage might resemble a behind-the-scenes peek at a reboot of 1984 Australian monster movie RAZORBACK. The beast depicted in this clip doesn’t actually hail from that continent… but it also happens to be totally real. The short but shocking clip below was shot in a Hong Kong neighborhood by a couple driving their […]


This Apartment-Hunting App Reveals Which Properties May Be Haunted

Thinking of relocating in 2017? Get ready for the pain. Packing, cleaning, hiring movers, credit checks and deposits can be a total nightmare… but while there are plenty of new user-friendly resources out there to relieve most of those burdens, there’s still very little help available when it comes to finding out of your would-be […]