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Deep Inside “The Tension Experience” On The Latest Shock Waves!

This week on Shock Waves, your hosts Rob Galluzzo, Elric Kane, Rebekah McKendry and Ryan Turek kick off the show by paying tribute to the late, great Herschell Gordon Lewis, the “Godfather of Gore.” Ryan reports back from Fantastic Fest with his thoughts on THE HANDMAIDEN, ARRIVAL, DARK SONG, SWEET SWEET LONELY SONG & more. […]

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A Vivid Carnival of Gratuity & Gore: 10 Essential Herschell Gordon Lewis Films

We were all deeply saddened to hear of the passing of Herschell Gordon Lewis. I personally spent much of my adolescent years working my way through his movie cannon, often hoping that parents didn’t come in and question my watching of films like COLOR ME BLOOD RED or THE GORE GORE GIRLS. “The Godfather of […]


R.I.P. Herschell Gordon Lewis, The “Godfather Of Gore”

We here at are terribly saddened to learn this morning that Herschell Gordon Lewis, known to most horror fans affectionately as “the Godfather of Gore,” is no longer with us. Lisa Petrucci of Something Weird Video posted the following on their Facebook page this morning: “Very sad news. We’re sad to report that Herschell […]

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Herschell Gordon Lewis: The Godfather of Gore… and Killer Copy Writing

Do you remember the last time you threw up in a movie theater? If you do, it probably wasn’t because the horror film you were watching was disgustingly gory. It was most likely because you ordered too many margaritas from the dining-in service. It takes a very special film to make people spew in their […]

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The Best Films from the Something Weird Vault

When Mike Vraney (1957 – 2014) founded Something Weird Video in 1990, it quickly grew into the premiere collection of schlock, gore, and sleaze sought voraciously and lasciviously by an entire generation of home video fanatics. Vraney had the courage to dig deep and come up with some of the oddest, sexiest, grossest, and just […]