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Are We Overlooking Mexico’s Amazing Horror Movies?

All true horror movie fans know this — you don’t need to be in Hollywood to make an amazing horror film. In fact, nowadays, it seems at least half of the truly inspired genre movies to hit the market come from other countries. The creators of dark visions from all over the world continue to find a […]

Films Exclusive Clip From SCHERZO DIABOLICO!

Writer/director Adrián García Bogliano has been making quite a name for himself within the horror genre these past few years. If you’ve been keeping your thumb on the pulse of good indie horror, then you may have caught one of his earlier films, COLD SWEAT or HERE COMES THE DEVIL. He also had a segment […]

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10 Amazing Horror Movies from Mexico!

Most contemporary horror fans are familiar with Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, but Mexico has had a long and colorful history making stellar horror movies. Dating back to the 1930s, Mexican horror films are remarkably varied and vast, many of them heavily influencing markets and trends here in America. Let’s look back at 10 landmark […]

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5 Killer Horror Films Streaming This Week (Oct 9th) on Netflix Instant!

A family takes a vacation to a remote hiking area. Their two young children disappear…