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Will We Ever See A “Director’s Cut” Of EVENT HORIZON?

Ah, the directing career of Paul W.S. Anderson is something else, isn’t it? Hey, he launched the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, and people really seem to dig those flicks. But arguably, we can all agree that his 1997 flick EVENT HORIZON is “the good one” from his filmography, right? It’s been years since I’ve seen it, […]


The Terrifying Hellscape of F.W. Murnau’s FAUST

If you know your film history, you know the Universal Horror boom of the 1930s looks the way it does because of German cinematographers like Karl Freund, who brought the darkness with them as they emigrated to America. Alfred Hitchcock also studied the German filmmakers of the ‘20s — his visit to Murnau’s set for […]

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CREEPYPASTA: The “Digital Drug” SATAN’S SONG Allegedly Opens a Gateway to Hell [VIDEO]

Today’s story will likely send chills through anyone who might have explored the new, uncharted territory known as “Binaural Beats,” “Digital Drugs” or “I-Dosing.” These terms refer to an auditory phenomenon that, when properly synchronized and sometimes combined with specific visuals, triggers a hallucinatory reaction in some listeners. Here’s some backstory if you’re new to […]

How Dante’s INFERNO Shaped the Modern Image of Hell

A recent article encountered in the Washington Post, studying adult reading habits from 1982 to 2015, found that there has been a steady decline of literative reading in the United States. That’s not to say that people aren’t reading, but it does say that American adults, when looking for a book to read, are less […]


Feminism and Body Horror in Lars Von Trier’s ANTICHRIST

It takes a rather strong constitution to make it through Lars Von Trier’s rough-hewn horror session ANTICHRIST. Even if one has a taste for extreme gore (and who doesn’t love DEAD ALIVE?), some of the violent images folded into Von Trier’s bleak cinematic tapestry of depression will likely have even the strongest of viewers wincing […]

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Super Mario Brothers as a Horror Movie: Watch What Happens When Mario Dies!

You know when you were playing Super Mario Brothers, and Mario would fall down a hole? Game over! Good thing you have a few lives left! But what happened to that particular Mario that fell down the hole? This amazing short film shows us what Super Mario Hell is like, and it is absolutely terrifying.

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Discover Why Terrified Locals Call This “The Devil’s Tree”

This massive and stately oak tree, towering in isolation over a field in Somerset County, New Jersey, is spooky enough just to look at in the fading light… but if you know its bloody history, as well as the legends which have surrounded it, the twisting, skeletal limbs of “The Devil’s Tree” take on a […]

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The Upcoming Horror Video Game AGONY is Set in Hell Itself!

Get ready to go to Hell. Madmind Studio has just announced AGONY — a first-person survival horror game where you must escape the ultimate prison: Hell itself. You begin your journey through The Underworld as a tormented soul with no memories and no physical body. You move through the world by possessing the people and […]


Rediscovering a Cult Classic HIGHWAY TO HELL

Back in the early 90’s when video stores were still the absolute best way to find your home entertainment, I kept my thumb on the pulse of all horror related titles and their VHS release dates. I recall first getting a glimpse of Ate de Jon’s HIGHWAY TO HELL during the preview section of The […]