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Exclusive Interview With SCREAM FACTORY Straight From SDCC 2017 On Their 10 Recently Announced Titles!

When it comes to Comic-Con every year, we all have different things that we most look forward to. Sure, in Hall H, we’re probably going to get a slew of new trailers from all the big budget superhero movies, and hey, I love seeing all those. But for genre fans, I think the panel we most […]


Slashback! Linda Blair is Trapped in a Murder Mansion on HELL NIGHT (1981)

Long after her unforgettable performance as Regan MacNeil in THE EXORCIST, Linda Blair never really found a way to escape the confines of the horror and exploitation genres. Thankfully, she found steady work there throughout the ’80s… and while she may or may not not look back fondly on sleazoid cult classics like CHAINED HEAT, WITCHERY or […]