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Biting Heads Off Bats: 5 Insane Urban Legends About Ozzy Osbourne

Before he was a reality star and long before he became the husband of television celebrity Sharon Osbourne, Ozzy Osbourne was the Prince of Darkness and Undisputed Dark Lord of rock and roll. As a star with six decades in the music business, first with Black Sabbath and then on his own, it goes without […]

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5 More Forgotten Horror Subgenres in Need of a Comeback!

Last week, I discussed five forgotten horror subgenres that I wished would make a comeback. (Check out the first list here.) Through online discussion and reader feedback, I discovered another 5 horror subgenres that are sadly underrepresented in today’s genre market. Love kickass heavy metal flicks or giant alligators? Read on, my like-minded brethren. Here […]

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5 Badass Heavy Metal Hair Band Horror Films

The 1970’s flamboyance of The New York Dolls and Alice Cooper along with the hammer guitar mastery of Eddie Van Halen paved the way for Aqua Net bands like Motley Crue and Hanoi Rocks (yes, I know the irony of putting those two bands in the same sentence). These ultra-coifed purveyors of metal dominated the […]