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The Frightening, Unsolved Mystery of the Dyatlov Pass

The Ural are a mountain range that runs north to south through western Russia. It’s a treacherous wall of snow, ice, and rock, a dangerous trek for even the most experienced climber. At the dead center of this range is a small pass at the base of one of the Ural’s most foreboding mountains called […]


5 Real Civilizations that Mysteriously Vanished

Anyone who has ever played SimCity can attest to how hard it is to create a working society. Not only do you have to balance industry, commercial, and residential properties, but you also have to deal with the occasional volcanic eruption and UFO invasion. Then there are those times when you just get bored with […]


America’s Oldest Unsolved Mystery: The Frightening Tale of the Lost Roanoke Colony

The early history of America is one of colonization, and Europeans crossing to the New World in order to start a new civilization. Being a colonist isn’t just planting a flag and accusing young girls of witchcraft. During the 14th and 15th century it was a frightening occupation riddled with dangers at every turn. Not […]