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Harry Potter Was in TROLL? Exploring Weird Horror Movie Name Doppelgängers

There are only so many names out there in the world. I myself have a fairly uncommon name, but I’ve met a handful of Brennans in my travels. Hell, a cursory Google search will probably tell you that you share a name with an Olympic figure skater or a PTA president or a Minnesota law […]

Clive Barker’s THE THIEF OF ALWAYS Nailed Young Adult Horror-Fantasy First

In 1998, J.K. Rowling’s youth novel HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER’S STONE was first published in America as HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE, earnestly kicking off not just a mega-successful book and film franchise (Rowling is said to be worth about a billion dollars these days), but the Young Adult (YA) Fiction trend in earnest. […]


Trained to Kill: Witney Explores the Dark, Twisted Story Behind HARRY POTTER and Voldemort

Back in 2001, when the film version of HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER’S STONE was released in America and Harry Potter mania was just beginning to crest, none of us knew the end of the boy wizard’s story. By then only four books in the series had been written, and we had yet to fathom […]

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Does This Dead Man’s Hand Have Supernatural Powers?

This gruesome artifact was reportedly discovered in the early 20th century, lodged in the wall of an ancient cottage in Castleton, Derbyshire, in the UK: a severed, mummified human hand. Local historian Joseph Ford, who found the horrific object, delivered it to the Whitby Museum in 1935, claiming that the grisly find was a “Hand of Glory” […]


The Trailer To SWISS ARMY MAN, Daniel Radcliffe’s Farting Corpse Movie, Is Here!

When we first heard about this movie after its debut at Sundance, we were skeptical that the whole thing was just a joke. Could it be possible? Paul Dano stars in a movie in which he finds the corpse of Daniel Radcliffe, which… well, farts? There’s a bit more to it than that, obviously, but early […]

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When Trees Attack! The 11 Scariest Trees in Fiction

Out from the mossy earth rise enormous immortal behemoths, older than any man, who have seen death and destruction throughout the centuries. Yup! Trees sure are scary if you look at them the right way. Storytellers have been eyeing these fierce fauna for centuries, searching for fearsome new ways to frighten their fans. Just this […]


Clive Barker’s ABARAT: The Epic Disney Movie that Never Was

15 years ago, bookstores were a little less complicated. You could enter, find the genre or topic you wanted, and browse endlessly. Nowadays, however, bookstores have become almost infinitely compartmentalized. This is especially true when dealing with Young Adult fiction. Bookstores not only have a YA section, but there are now entire racks devoted exclusively […]