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Rob G’s 6 Halloween Season Horror Discoveries!

The Halloween season may be over, but for most of us, we celebrate all year long and are constantly watching and discovering horror, new and old. But there’s something fun about the idea of dictating 31 horror features, one for each day for the month of October. So, I like seeing people get into the […]


Which Of These 3 Actors Is YOUR Definitive DRACULA?

In my weekly hunt for new movies around town earlier this week, I stumbled upon a great deal to own the Blu-Ray of DRACULA UNTOLD for $5 bucks. Considering how many reinterpretations there are of DRACULA, coupled with the fact that I was blown away by Bernard Rose’s update of FRANKENSTEIN, I figured… why the […]

Top 5 Peter Cushing/ Christopher Lee Team-Ups That Are Not DRACULA Movies

For decades, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee were Hammer Horror legends.  On camera, they appeared together in 22 films, and off-camera they were the best of friends. They were most known for their various DRACULA films, with Lee playing the titular role, and Cushing his nemesis Van Helsing. However, there were many other characters they […]