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Horror Short Premiere: Frightening 4 Minute Film I SHOULD HAVE RUN is thrilled to premiere the frightening new horror short I SHOULD HAVE RUN. Directed by talented newcomer¬†Gabriela Staniszewska, I SHOULD HAVE RUN took the festival world by storm last year, winning multiple awards and gaining many accolades. The short looks at a woman who encounters a something strange on her evening walk home, but […]

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5 Terrific Horror Shorts that are Under 5 Minutes Long

Need a break at work? Got five minutes to spare while waiting for the bus? Laying awake in bed listening to weird, ghostly sounds that are probably just your refrigerator? We’ve got your entertainment covered! Below are five great short horror films, all five minutes or less. Enjoy! THE CLOSET Synopsis: Two girls plan to […]


Get Creeped Out By This Horror Short LITTLE PIGS!

Just because Halloween is over doesn’t mean we can’t keep the spooky stuff going. I mean, that’s what we do here on all year ’round! This is a destination and celebration of all things scary! And a lot of the best scares these days are coming from the deepest recesses of the vast ocean […]


NSFW: Check Out This Bizarre Animated HALLOWEEN Short, TRICK!

It’s Halloween! People are getting into the spirit and following their annual traditions. And among those traditions is watching an excessive amount of horror films. More so than usual? Well, maybe not for our daily readers here, but you can never get enough! And we here at love to showcase original horror shorts. Here’s […]