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Rebekah McKendry’s Destroying Media Theory: I Watch Horror Films Daily, but Faint at the Sight of Real Blood

I have witnessed some of the most extreme movies ever made. AUGUST UNDERGROUND, GUINEA PIG, MARTYRS-  I have seen them all. The gore never bothers me. Yet, after countless impalings, eviscerations and head burstings, if I lightly graze myself on a not-so-safe safety razor, my head will be spinning before the first drop of blood […]

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The Horrifying, Controversial and Secret History of the Snuff Film

[Warning: graphic images ahead] Hang on, folks — this is gonna to be a rough ride. You see, from a journalistic standpoint, it’s tricky to approach any story about so-called “snuff” films, for a couple of very important reasons. First, it’s never been conclusively proven that these films even exist at all — in the […]


Five Controversial Films Prosecuted for Extreme Violence… or MURDER

As horror fans, we are no strangers to acts of on-screen violence, cruelty, and murder. The rest of the world doesn’t wallow in the grime we wallow in, and because of that they are perhaps a little more shocked by this imagery, willing to believe that it is real. Frequently, these films are censored or […]