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Psycho A Go-Go! The Very Strange Murder of DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN Director Al Adamson

In the annals of true crime, there has never been a more macabre case than the brutal murder of DRACULA VS. FRANKENSTEIN director Al Adamson. Like something out of his own no-budget drive-in blood baths, the director was savagely murdered and his body buried beneath a crumbling ramshackle ranch house in Indio, California. According to […]


Opium, Nuns, and Ample Flaying: The Tastefully Twisted FLAVIA THE HERETIC

“She Launched A River of BLOOD” The 1974 Italian film FLAVIA: THE HERETIC is by far one of the most extreme films of the nunploitation faire, featuring visual feats such as castration, nipple slicing, and excessive impalements…yet all quasi-tastefully woven into the tragic story of the world’s first feminist nun. FLAVIA has received attention among […]

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5 Horror Movies that Really Deserve a Sequel

Practically any horror movie can get a sequel nowadays. We’re all familiar with popular series like HALLOWEEN and A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET, but those are just the mega-successes. Consider that there have also been five LAKE PLACID movies, including one where LAKE PLACID fought ANACONDA. Yup, just about any horror movie. I say “just […]


Slashback! Smut Peddlers, Satanists and Serial Killers in 1978’s THE PLAYBIRDS

[Note: NSFW content below] Slashy New Year, maniacs! I hope you rang in 2016 with a viewing of the grimy, mean-spirited NEW YEAR’S EVIL (if not, you should def take a look), and I’m not backing off one bit this year, either. If anything, I’ll be ramping it up a notch or two, especially when […]

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Five Reasons Eli Roth Needs to Make THANKSGIVING

[Warning: NSFW content ahead!] Even horror fans who felt the Robert Rodriguez/Quentin Tarantino double feature GRINDHOUSE was a hit-and-miss exercise, there was almost universal praise for the mock trailers interspersed between the features PLANET TERROR and DEATH PROOF — all lovingly detailed, hilarious homages to low-budget exploitation oddities from famed directors like Edgar Wright (DON’T! ) […]