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10 Terrific but Lesser-known Horror Anthologies

With the recent release of the anthology film XX as well as TALES OF HALLOWEEN coming to Netflix, horror fans have been chattering about their love of the horror anthology. Well, there are plenty out there you may not have seen. Check out our list of 10 lesser-known horror anthologies below. FROM A WHISPER TO […]

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The Wendigo, Burrowers, and More: 10 Terrifying Horror Movies Based on Native American Legends

Native American lore is full of amazing stories, many of which are quite frightening. (Check out our list of 10 terrifying Native American legends here.) Throughout time, many horror films have utilized the mythology, tropes, and history of Native American cultures – and adding to the list is THE DARKNESS, opening in theaters nationwide on May […]


The Ten Best Horror Movies Set in the Wild West

After my first viewing of BONE TOMAHAWK – without a doubt one of the best horror/western movie hybrids ever made – I suddenly realized how seldom filmmakers have merged two of the most enduring genres in American cinema history. While horror is not anchored to any time period, the western is obviously limited by the […]