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Shudder Plans Several Original Films Kicking Off With PRIMAL SCREEN!

We’ve been talking about the all-horror streaming service Shudder quite a bit around our offices, and with good reason: the selection, aimed specifically for the die-hard horror fan, is terrific. From new indie favorites, to horror classics, to premieres such as THE RING VS THE GRUDGE mash-up SADAKO VS KAYAKO and PREVENGE, they have the […]

I Survived a TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE Season 3 Marathon!

By now, you’ve been aware of the excitement — and that nagging sense of impending doom — surrounding the terrifying return of TALES FROM BEYOND THE PALE, the old-time horror/suspense radio show created by genre heroes Larry Fessenden (HABIT) & Glenn McQuaid (I SELL THE DEAD). But that’s nothing compared to the thrill I received […]