The 13th Floor


Slashback! 1984’s THE MUTILATOR Piles on the Cheese and Pours on the Gore

In the waning days of the slasher genre’s Golden Age, independent horror films were coming under increased scrutiny by US ratings boards (and government-mandated censorship elsewhere) for their violent content. With the boom of the home video market, it made better financial sense for a first-time filmmaker to set their sights on video distribution. Although MPAA-ordered […]

Scary Fun 

THE SIMPSONS Meets YOU’RE NEXT in the Bloodiest Claymation Short Ever!

The classic “couch intro” from THE SIMPSONS has been tackled by many guest directors over the years, and different takes on the familiar material have included some controversial entries… but none of them comes even remotely close to the blood-spraying, limb-tearing, skull-shattering shocks created by stop-motion animator Lee Hardcastle for his… uh, unique contribution to […]

The Butchered Art of Cao Hui

Artist Cao Hui’s “Visual Temperature” art exhibit looks like something you would expect to find in Leatherface’s living room, not in a museum. His work aims to look beyond the surface, and in this case, beyond the surface of innocent items like jackets and sofas is guts, blood, and viscera. Using mixed materials including resin […]